Mispronunciating in Texas

Mispronunciating in Texas
Mispronunciating in Texas
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Mispronunciating in Texas

I saw a list not long ago of the 100 most commonly mispronounced words in America.   I wondered what would be the most commonly mispronounced, or should I say, mispronunciated words in Texas.

For me, at the top of the list would be Bob Wire and Chester Drawers.  I was about 18 years old before I realized that  these were actually Barbed Wire and Chest of Drawers.  As a kid, I just thought Chester made drawers and Bob made wire.

Next on my list would be  probably and supposedly.  Instead, we Texans say.  Probly and Supposably.   Supposably,  we just don’t need that second “B” in the word Probably.

We say,  “The Steeler’s probly can’t beat the Texans.” Sometimes we even take the both b’s from probably and just say, “prawly.”  “Can you make it to the game?”“I reckon prawly so.”

We don’t like two r’s in library either.  We Texans say, simply, “libery.”.  Reminds of the Texan at Harvard. He stops a Harvard man and asks, “Can you tell me where the Libery’s at?”  The Harvard man says, “Here are Harvard we don’t say LIBERY, and we do not end our sentences in prepositions.” So the Texan says, “ Excuse me.  Can you tell me where the library’s at, Jackass?”

Many people say prevert for pervert.  “We don’t need his kind around here.  He’s a prevert.”

Actually he’s a pervert.  A prevert would be someone learning to be pervert, a pervert in training.

We say nucular we say, instead of nuclear.  President George W. Bush was famous for worrying about  nucular Arms.  “Can’t let them Ruskies get more more nucular arms than we got.”

Texans say “Dudn’t and Wudn’t” for Doesn’t and Wasn’t.   “He dudn’t need to worry about not invitin’ me cuz I wudn’t gonna go in the first place!”

We add an h at the end of height.  We say heigth.  What’s his heigth, 6’2”?    This comes from trying to fit in with width and breadth.  But it is really just height.  No “h” at the end.

When we are not adding H’s, we take some away.  We buy Herbs and Spices.  Should be Herbs and Spices.  Many Texans lose the H. on Houston and just say Uston.  “Goin’ up to uston this weekend.”

Some women you’ll hear say, “My husband takes me for granite.”  We do have a lot of granite in Texas.  The capital is made of granite, but the expression is “taken for granted,”  not “taken for granite,” which is likely worse to be taken for.

It is not a doggy-dog world.  It is a dog-eat-dog world.

Regardless of how strongly you may feel about it, irregardless is not a word.  Not yet, anyway.  But if Bootylicious can wrangle its way into the dictionary, there is hope.

Even though Feb. 14th is a TIME for love, it is not ValenTIMES Day.  It is ValenTINE’S Day.  Two n’s.

Life would be boring if we all talked the same.  Dialects are fun and we should, especially in Texas,  Celebrate our unique language and expressions.  We should think of it as we do a Rainbow.  It is a Blessing in the Skies.

I’m W. F. Strong. These are Stories from Texas. Some of them are True.

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