W. F. Strong

W. F. Strong is a Fulbright Scholar and Professor of Communication at the University of Texas-Brownsville. He was raised in Texas and holds degrees in Communication and Literature from Abilene Christian University and The University of North Texas. His doctorate in Communication and Rhetoric is from The University of Arizona.  He wrote his dissertation on Mark Twain’s Speaking, where he developed his intense interest in storytelling as an art form.

W. F. Strong has had a life-long fascination with Texas literature, history and culture.  He has read most of the classic books of the great Texas novelists and historians, from Webb’s Indians of Texas to McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove quadrilogy, and most recently, Philipp Meyer’s, The Son.

He was raised working on farms and ranches in South Texas and so has had a long connection with the  Texas soil, as did his ancestors who farmed and ranched in North Texas for over a century. Two of his distant relatives signed the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico. This familial history has nurtured his love for the vibrancy of Texas culture, both historical and modern.

To this end, he has developed these brief, humorous radio vignettes called Stories from Texas. They teach and amuse and inspire.  They seek to celebrate the Texas character in all its toughness, to showcase poignant passages from the vast literature this land has produced, to provide a narrative for Texas pride, entrepreneurial success,  and Texas mythology.

These stories reminisce about the nostalgic Texas of long ago, but they are not dusty old tales from the trail,  amounting to historical drudgery.  They are classic tales told in a contemporary language and style. Many stories celebrate modern Texas, from Blue Bell Ice Cream to Whataburger, to Texas on Facebook.

These stories celebrate Texas’ charismatic culture and reveal the diverse forces that forged it.